to the sea

With a trip to the mountains in a prior blog, it seemed time to head for the oceans.  Kansas City (my home town) is a nice place, but it is an awful long walk to the beach.  I am not drawn to the beach to seek the perfect tan.  It is the ocean and the tide and cycle of the day and the tides that seems to bring me back.  “Every drop in the ocean counts” (Yoko Ono).  So, here are some photographs of the ocean cycle that count to me.








The cycle begins under a watchful eye.












The sunrise >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


and the sunset >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The stillness after the sun disappears, for that passing moment before it all fades to black >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And then it is dark, but for the light of the moon, and the signs of civilization (oil rigs) on the horizon >>>>>>>>

and the pre-dawn >>>>>>>>>>>>

and then, the fog >>>>>>>>>>>>

And when the fog lifts, the signs of the good life >>>>>>>

and the not so good anymore >>>>>>>>>>

and with that, another day at the beach >>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Mark