I made it to Northwest Montana again this March and I set up a freestyle skiing shoot with a couple of the guys for a morning at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana.  Packing for the shoot took a bit of thought.  Stay light, but bring the lights.  I brought my D4, 4 SB900 Speedlights, 4 PocketWizard Flex TT5s to trigger the lights and a fifth to sit on the camera with a PocketWizard AC3 to allow me to adjust output from the camera.  I mounted everything on a Four Square bracket and jammed the bracket in the snow / ice with the lights trained up to where the skiers would jump.  All of this fit in my Gura Gear bag along with two lenses – a 24-70mm and a 14-24mm lens.  The shutter speed was well above the sync speed of 1/250 second but with Flex TT5 hyper sync, it was no problem.  The speedlights really made it possible to light the skiers while they were airborne and get a good exposure at a high enough speed to make it all work.  Oh, and I don’t ski — a little bit of an obstacle and it certainly added some unnecessary drama as I walked (perhaps trudged or slogged is a better way of describing it) through snow and ice to arrive at the jump site where the guys were getting ready.  I fell only once on the walk out, and fell into a snow bank / drift only twice on the hike back to civilization.  I must admit that I had thoughts on the walk back of heart attack, death, insanity slipping in, but the images made it all worth while.  And, here are some of the images:





enjoy the end of winter, everyone.  Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . Mark