do : : or : : diso — the first 4 months

do : : or : : diso, my monthly sports photography ezine is now 4 months old.  It has been a labor of love . . . mostly love.  Thanks to Jason Lillie for all the help in making the ezine so simple to create each month that even I can do it without too many hitches.  True, I had to re-learn some basic html code and master ftp for the covers each month, but it is live, and hopefully interesting.  Next month, I will cover the process of shooting the 2 Rs of summer – Rugby and Roller Derby.  In the meantime, here are the covers for the first 4 months:

Diso Cover Template final

May 2014 cover

June 2014 cover

july 2014 baseball cover-450

Visit the site at, subscribe for free, enjoy, and get out and shoot some sports shots.


do :: or :: diso, a monthly sports photography magazine, is now live

My latest project a monthly sports internet magazine called do :: or :: diso is now live.  Visit it and subscribe for free at

My goal is to offer a monthly, short, to the point, on-line magazine of sports photography, post processing techniques for sports photos, insight, and the occasional interview.  Each month, if you subscribe, you will get an email to your inbox of the magazine cover advising that the new issue is out.  Just click on the cover and you are transported to the article.  This month’s article is about three post processing techniques to add light back to the image to better reflect what your eye really saw at the match, game, or event.

Many thanks to Jason Lillie for helping make the design idea in my head a reality on the web and to Tom Bol, Cindy Akehurst, and Lisa Thompson for their critiques.

As it turns out, there are so many moving parts to launch this kind of project:  (a) how to make it look less like a blog; (b) how to keep it relevant and informative; (c) who is the target audience: (d) how to send out a mailing ( I settled on Mail Chimp ) ; and my favorite (e) how to pick a logo.  Here is the evolution of the logo:

cool, but too dark:

Do or Diso.metallic

creative, but a little bulky


getting closer



loved it, but  . . .


. . . here was the winner, by my buddy Alex Peak

do or diso 3D copy

The first post is up and after all the planning, the copy was easy.  Now for the hard part – creating content every month!  I am taking guest author pieces ( :

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diversions from sports photography – Tokyo at New Years 2014

The wonderful thing about making images is that I can decide to shoot sports and I can decide not to. When I decide not to, I call those moments temporary diversions. A diversion might be a trip or an idea or a model or an assignment. Fulfilling a dream, my family and I spent 11 days, including New Years, in Japan. By day and night we walked and road the trains, soaking in the city, the culture and the people.  I found the people there fascinating and returned with many images of the Japanese people living their lives. In particular, New Years (this year the year of the Horse) is a time of great celebration. I shot no sports, but came away from the trip with the belief that in Tokyo, people compete for space,  love to shop, and during the holiday time, they dress up, hit the streets, and thoroughly enjoy seeing and being seen. Mostly, I did the street photography “shoot and scoot” thing, as we tried to see as much as possible.  Here are a selection of Tokyo folks on New Years day and January 2 browsing, keeping order, shopping, touring, interacting, and relishing life.  And now, back to sports!

day1walktourD800-8193 day1walktourD800-8213

day1walktourD800-8220 day1walktourD800-8225






dayfourD800-8503 dayfourD800-8519











dayfourD800-8601 dayfourD800-8611



dayfourD800-8629 dayfourD800-8635


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sports photography and the human spirit

The time fast approaches when we remind ourselves each year of our desire to achieve the long shot of peace on earth and goodwill toward each other.  I am just a lowly  sports photographer in Kansas City and have come to believe I can affect this long shot goal in only minimal ways.  So, I choose to use my camera as a reminder that sports can be a forum to compete without politics, where victors and vanquished can coexist without loss of life,


and where differences can be resolved by finite measurements of skill,








and a little luck.


My camera offers no insights into mayhem and insanity and filibusters and politics, but rather just glimpses into the human spirit.


Somewhere, mayhem and insanity and politics each purport to intersect with something as fundamental as the human spirit in ways that make no sense.  But in sports, understanding and appreciating that spirit is so much less confusing and images of the spirit are so much more sincere and genuine than the evening news images, and at least in the moment of competition, it all makes sense.


For me, sports is the plan; roll out and throw the pass into the flat; trust your teammates; follow the plan.  Make it so.


If you follow the plan, just maybe, they (who are also we) will too.


Ok — enough of my deep thoughts.  The tree has now arrived at Rockefeller Center,


and from a distance the world below seems so peaceful . . .


So, thanks for visiting my blog today and this year.  Hopefully you have enjoyed my images.  Have a very satisfying December.  Look for new things from this blog in 2014…  something that I hope to call “Do or DISO”


Be safe.  Mark

making sports images, all summer long

As Labor Day winds to a conclusion, my blog looks back over a busy summer of photographic exploration.  My goal this summer was to add different sports to the portfolio, and add I did:  along with the stalwarts of soccer and softball, I added roller derby, boxing, skateboarding, swimming, track and field, gymnastics, triathlon, and a little dance fantasy.  Here is a sampling:

Colorado state championship tournament in Colorado Springs:


swimming at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs:


Product shoot for Combat Brands, LLC, owner of Ringside Boxing brand boxing, MMA, and fitness gear:


 Roller Derby, Kansas City:

kc roller 4613 D4-142-2

Rugby 7s (an Olympic Sport at the next summer games):


The Kansas Relays Track and Field Invitational at the University of Kansas in Lawrence:



ks relays 42013D4-277

The Kansas City Triathlon just before the rain and lightning started:


University of Missouri – Kansas City Ladies’ Softball (Bobby Knight calls it the most exciting game in college sports):

umkcwiu 41313 D4-299-2

A little dance magic courtesy of Taylor Barber:


The Ringside 13th Annual Amateur Boxing Tournament in Independence, Missouri (1200 boxers from all over North America descend on the Kansas City metro and compete for 4 days) thanks to John Brown, founder of Ringside Boxing:


A little late night practice for one of Kansas City’s budding gymnasts:


and, soccer, soccer, soccer:





. . . and some of the loyal fans at Sporting Park  here in Kansas City:





take care, have a good fall, and thanks for stopping by my blog  . . .  Mark