sporting kansas city

A Major League Soccer field is about 75 yards x 115 yards, and within the confines, some great action takes place.  Frozen at high speeds it can look like a ballet performed by finely tuned young athletes from all over the world.  Kansas City’s MLS team – Sporting Kansas City – gave me a photographer’s pass to take pictures at a game against the Chicago Fire.  Here are some of the shots.  The shots were taken either at 300mm, 600mm, or with a 70-200mm zoom at high ISO (as high as 3200 ISO), and at speeds around 1/500 second, but never below 1/250 second.  The vantage point is behind the end line (no wandering on the sidelines during the game) and it is fast paced, played on and above the ground, and there is lot’s of ground to cover with the lens.

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