sports photography and the human spirit

The time fast approaches when we remind ourselves each year of our desire to achieve the long shot of peace on earth and goodwill toward each other.  I am just a lowly  sports photographer in Kansas City and have come to believe I can affect this long shot goal in only minimal ways.  So, I choose to use my camera as a reminder that sports can be a forum to compete without politics, where victors and vanquished can coexist without loss of life,


and where differences can be resolved by finite measurements of skill,








and a little luck.


My camera offers no insights into mayhem and insanity and filibusters and politics, but rather just glimpses into the human spirit.


Somewhere, mayhem and insanity and politics each purport to intersect with something as fundamental as the human spirit in ways that make no sense.  But in sports, understanding and appreciating that spirit is so much less confusing and images of the spirit are so much more sincere and genuine than the evening news images, and at least in the moment of competition, it all makes sense.


For me, sports is the plan; roll out and throw the pass into the flat; trust your teammates; follow the plan.  Make it so.


If you follow the plan, just maybe, they (who are also we) will too.


Ok — enough of my deep thoughts.  The tree has now arrived at Rockefeller Center,


and from a distance the world below seems so peaceful . . .


So, thanks for visiting my blog today and this year.  Hopefully you have enjoyed my images.  Have a very satisfying December.  Look for new things from this blog in 2014…  something that I hope to call “Do or DISO”


Be safe.  Mark