the mountains

I live in the flatlands of the Midwest.  When I can, I visit the mountains to recharge.  I have to go.  It is as if I have no choice in the matter.  Here is why:

It can be spiritual, even for a very non spiritual person.

Can there be a better place to take a camera, some filters, a tripod, and hiking boots?

When I return to Kansas City, I can feel the tug of the mountains as I squint at the horizon of the plains and imagine I see something majestic like I just saw only days ago.

I am not the first to be drawn to the mountains.  Aldous Huxley said:   “My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing.”

“It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”  Edmund Hillary

Without a doubt:  “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”  William Blake.

“I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go below now.” Henry David Thoreau

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.”  John Ruskin

As we depart for the great plains, we try to remember that “The mountains will always be there, the trick is to make sure you are too.”  Hervey Voge

So far, at least, I am still here, too.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Mark