Why take photos?

My website is launched. It is very exciting. With this entry, my blog is launched as well. And, with that, the road stretches on.


For this blog, I start with the simple question:  why take photographs?  Here are a few answers from others and my comments:

“photography produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs.” Sam Abell.


I not only show things to my camera, I watch what it shows me. When we go out to take pictures, we are in it together.

“I became interested in photography when I found my own sketching was inadequate.” Ben Shahn.


: I cannot draw at all. And, I am colorblind. My camera is the only one I have met (other than my wife, Loren) who takes care of the latter problem for me and doesn’t ask me when pointing to an orange: “what color do you see?”

“I threw myself into this art form because photography had given me a new sense of mission and identity.” Bob Anderson.


Life has been a bit challenging over the last couple of years.  At times things seemed out of proportion and off center. Tilted.  Photography has been a place to go, something to do, a way to record the things that are off center, perhaps, but that show that even during the hard times, it is still worth getting out of bed . . . or at least safe to.

“Photography helps people to see.” Berenice Abbott


It certainly helps me to see and cope and feel and live.

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” Ernie Haas.

Mark: Even with all the technology and advances, it is still the photographer, not the equipment, that takes and makes the photo.

“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” August Sander.


Shadows are good, but they should be manipulated and controlled by me, not the other way around.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at some of my photos. . .   Mark