workin’ folks


Over the last month, I have pursued a project to take portraits of a sampling of working people here in the Midwest.  All in the Midwest is not wheat fields and cattle.  So, I focused on the industrial and service side of things.  Most of the folks I have met are either blue collar workers or are in one service industry or another. Some wear ties, some wear uniforms; some wield tools.  It is my cross section — a record of sorts of who is at stake in these times we are enduring.

Some of the folks I met and photographed are bosses,

some are workers,


and all are trained at what they do.

In this Great Recession  all I can think to do is to provide a record of folks as they really are through my lens and my eye.  All shots were taken with a Nikon D700, 24-70mm lens, and one or more SB900 speedlights usually through a Westscott 28″ Apollo softbox or a FourSquare, triggered by PocketWizard TT5s.  With that, here is the rest of my record:


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